Can't create a safepoint


When I try to create a safepoint I get error 36102

I got the following information from the Knowledge Base

A My Book Live (With Software Release 2.0 or higher) fails to create a safepoint on a My Book World Edition (Blue Rings) or My Book World Edition II (Blue Rings) drive with the error 36102 -Your safepoint could not be created due to a failed request. Please try creating your safepoint again

This error occurs because the destination drive (the My Book World) uses a version of Samba that is not compatible with the Safepoint function on the My Book Live.

You will need to store your Safepoint on a drive that uses a newer version of Samba.

I know very little about computers and their inner workings and I’ve never heard of Samba. I looked it up on the internet and even downloaded it on to my computer but I have no idea of what I’m supposed to do with it :mansad:

Would really appreciate some help here.

Thanks in advance

Hello and welcome,

Unfortunately the My Book World Edition (Blue Rings) or the My Book World Edition II (Blue Rings) are not compatible to do SafePoint backup. Click on the following link to see a list of recommended drives you can use. 

List of NAS drives validated by WD to work as a SafePoint backup for a My Book Live