Can't Create a My support portal account on wd site

My Western digital drive recently failed and I am trying to create an account on the my support portal section of the WD support site. When I try to create an account it asks for a phone number but doesn’t let you put one in? (see image below)

I tried several different computers, web browsers, devices and still get the same problem.

I think something is wrong with the account registration website.

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What type of drive do you have and have you ever created an account with WD for that drive?

I have a WD My Cloud and I have a User Name (email address) and password to enter the Support Portal with.

I have the same problem. I already tried different browsers, selected different languages and countries in case it was broken for just some of them. How am I supposed to RMA if the support portal doesn’t work? :frowning:

The type of drive that has failed is a western digital red nas drive 4TB.

I’ve never created a western digital support account before so I’m trying to register a WD support account but it

won’t let me because of the error I posted in my first post.

This link below is what I am trying to register on

@teckuser When you purchased this product did you register it with WD so it would be under warranty? If yes, then you should have a email address and password to use. This will get you into Support. See image below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.

I purchased the drive around 2 years ago but I never registered it on the WD site. Does not registering the drive mean I can’t do a RMA?

Can I still register the drive even though I bought it around 2 years ago?

Yesterday, I registered a HDD (no idea if that is necessary for an RMA) at No account was created for me, I just got a confirmation mail, nothing else.

Thank you for reporting the issue. The issue has now been resolved. You can now complete registration for your support portal account.

Indeed, registration is now working again. Thank you!

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I was also able to register. Thank you

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