Can't copy from hd. Most likely bad sectors


I bought a 2tb wd elements external hard drive in april this year and moved several files and photos to it without problems. Now a few months later i wnated to copy some of the files and photos to my laptop but the copy always stops about 5sec before its finished, giving me an error that windows can not read from file location. This is only on some files as i can copy others without problem. I can watch the movies and photos without problem dirctly from the hard drive its only the copy that fails. 

Scanned with hdtune and found bad sectors and lifegaurd diagnostics fail. I believe i should format it or rma, but before that i wish to retrieve the data. Any advice on how to proceed from here?

suggestions are greatly appreciated.

P.s i have tried with another computer and some problems with the exact same files.


How did you copy the data? My recommendation is to backup all your data and then reformat the drive.