Can't connect to network shares after power down

I am having a really annoying problem with my SMP. When I add a network share (Windows 7, 64-bit) to the media library it works fine. It asks me for a username/password and I make sure to tick the ‘Remember me’ box at the bottom. When I power down the SMP and restart it the unit can no longer connect to the network share. The only thing that works is for me to clear the login information under Settings/Network and then add the network share again to the media library.

I am not sure how to fix this issue or where to start looking. SInce it works initially I figure it is not a permissions or networking problem. I am guessing it is an issue with the SMP. Has anyone had this same problem and managed to solve it?

I would also be interested in a solution with a Media Server. I’ve setup serviio and while I am quite happy with it, no connection issues after restarting the SMP, I lose some of the features I do get when I use the network shares. I don’t get to see the metadata and I can’t delete a TV show after I’ve watched it. Is there any media server that will serve the metadata to the SMP or is it perhaps a setting that I’ve missed?

I’ve had similar problems reconnecting to the public (no password required) shares on my NAS after a power down. I get the message that no content is available. However if I then try to connect via media server route (NAS runs Twonky) it immediately finds the folder. A change of input back to network share and the same content that wasn’t there a second ago, magically appears. I haven’t tested thoroughly but I get the impression that this is an issue that only occurs during first 1-2minutes after booting up WDTV as when I’ve switched it on and gone and done something else it seems to find the network shares first time. From what I’ve read the current firmware restricts metadata display and scraping to the network share route only at present.

I guess I could try waiting a few minutes before trying to access any videos. I did notice that not all shares will show up immediately, it sometimes takes a couple of tries before I can see the share I want to add to the media library. I suppose it would be a step forward but still very annoying.

I take it you don’t get any of the metadata /artwork when you access your content through Twonky?

Via media server route it will show an example of a movie cover at folder level (ie one for each folder) but as soon as you go into folder then just lists individual files with no content info.

i had a similar problem too. But I noticed that Twonky is not supporting seperate .SRT files either. So  if I have .SRT file in the movie folder with the same name as the movie, SMP fails to recognize it. 

I tried merging .SRT with the parent movie file (using mkvmerge as most of my movies are .mkv files), subtitles show up through Twonky. 

.mkv container format also supports metadata. So if we have a way to include most metadata WITHIN the .mkv container, Twonky should be able to stream it I think. I assume it will be same for other container formats like .mp4 etc

I think I have solved my problem and am a bit embarrassed to list the solution. It seems like it was a case of RTFM. In the manual they talk you through how to share a folder and while it is nothing I haven’t done countless times already I figured I would read it like a last resort.

Well, they tell you to switch your network type to ‘Work’ and to disable streaming amongst some other things. Once I made the changes to my configuration to match the one in the manual it just seems to work. After a complete power down of the SMP it just reconnects to the network share and the media library is still intact. Awesome!