Can't connect to MyCloudEX2Ultra through

Can’t connect to MyCloudEX2Ultra through

Last evening everything was working great.

This morning, after several hours, the site is not communicating with my NAS.
The Nas is ON (all three blue led are on), but the ‘think’ that My NAS (MyCloudEX2Ultra) is Offline.

Any idea, what causes the dis-communicating?

I am having the same issue, but it seems to only be an issue with MyCloud.

  • I can’t access my NAS via the Android app to back up my phone.
  • I can get to the NAS dashboard and have updated the firmware to 2.31.195.
  • I can access the folders via Windows Explorer.
  • I can access my media via Plex.
  • I have tried access via Chrome and IE.

Help! :o(

The service is up -

See if this article helps -

I don’t want to speak too soon, but after Resetting the router I can establish the connection to the NAS without any problem. I hope this won’t jinx it.

How do you reset the router?

Turn it Off by the on/off switch.
Turn the router off by Take out the power outlet. Wait a few seconds, and turn it back on.