Can't connect to my hard drive anymore-MyBook WD10000D033

hi, can anyone help with troubleshooting, my family laptops (HP and Mac) can’t connect to my network drive anymore.

MyBook WD10000D033

Product Family WD My Book World (Blue Rings)

The Blue circular light is not spinning like it used to do when working normally, but instead the blue light alternates from the inner circle to the outter circle. When my PC or Mac tries to connect, I get the error message that it can not connect, drive failed.

Any ideas how to resolve this or atleast recover the data?

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Computer Type Laptop Firmware![](upload://co84kRo5eefwC6rrqw6AdrITTvv.gif)
Computer Operating System Windows 7 64-bit Installed Memory >4GB
Processor 2GHz or higher System Speed

Check if the my book is recognized on the disk management window or the disk utility app on Mac. Check the link below for the steps.