Can't connect to internet

Is the first time this problem happens with my WDTV.  Today i was trying to use Netflix and Youtube and got error. When i checked the the connection status in the WDTV it says

Ip adress with a green check mark, DNS and Internet Connection with red x.

I tried restoring to factory the device and the router, but none worked. The strange thing is that i can send files from my laptop to the connected hard drives and usb flash in the WDTV ports.


Have you tried setting up a static IP on the media player? That way you can manually put the DNS numbers and check if it can connect to Netflix and Youtube.

Had to put in DNS ((wdtv network config) as i read somewhere, why is that? that DNS do not show up if i look in ipconfig/all . 

I have another problem, i cannot transfer files from my laptop to the usb flash drive and hard drive connected to the WDTV as i was able weeks ago.