Can't connect to EX4

hi, i have a Mac, EX4. i got a new hard drive and now computer will not connect to EX4. the EX4 is working and on the network, i can access it with my phone. it shows up in my finder but says connection failed. i logged into My Cloud and it shows it there but when i click on it, it shows that it is offline. is there a link that i can DL the original dashboard software, if not is there another one i should? any other ideas would be great. if this is the wrong board for this please let me know the correct one.


@Russellroman, As per the details shared you are receiving an error: ‘Connection Failed’, it occurs when you select a My Cloud device through Finder’s Shared sidebar, Please follow the link below for more information: Error: 'Connection Failed' occurs when selecting a My Cloud device through Finder's Shared sidebar

Also, please refer to this link to configure Cloud Access on a My Cloud EX4 device: How to configure Cloud Access on a My Cloud EX4 device