'Can't connect MyCloudEX2Ultra' on mycloud.com or 'MyCloud device not found'

I have one 2TB WD Red HDD in MyCloud EX2 Ultra. Blue Power LED keeps pulsating very slowly. Blue HDD LED remains solid.
NAS is directly connected to my home modem/router(Asus DSL AC68U) via gigabit ethernet cable. My PC is also connected to my home modem/router via gigabit ethernet.

The problem is that neither can I acces files from NAS on mycloud.com nor I an access the setup page via web browser. I have also synced the NAS drive directly in my Win10 PC by creating a shortcut on my desktop. It is not working as well.

On mycloud.com, after loggin into my account I get error ‘Can’t connect MyCloudEX2Ultra’. After that clicking on link ‘Accept device’s secaurity certificate’ opens two new tabs in web browser and nothing happens after that. The two new tabs loads for some time and then webpage becomes blank.

On reaching setup page, I get error ‘My cloud device not found’.

This happens every month, and fix for it is to do either a 4-second or 40-second reset. Tha too has to be done multiple time somedays to fix this problem. I really fell like I have wasted so much mony on the NAS and HDD, and should throw it in garbage.

I cannot share the OS version in this post, as I dont have access to the NAS.

All three blue lights need to be solid. None should be pulsing. Reconnect and start up again.

If the power light is pulsing, that usually means its in sleep mode. Have you tried a 4 sec or a 40 sec reset?

FYI, I only have one HDD slot opccupied in NAS. That’s why only 2 leds are lit up. One power led and other for HDD.

Started working after 40sec reset. But the problem is that this issue is occuring one or twice every single month and now it is becoming really frustrating.

after doing a 40 sec reset the day before yesterday, same issue is occuring again.