Can't Configure Plex Media Server


I recently purchased a MyCloud Home, but I’ve been unable to successfully activate the Plex media server.

When I enable the app, I click configure and login to my Plex account. I’m then taken to a Plex page that never completes its loading to allow me to activate the server.

Any thoughts? I’m for sure trying this while connected to the same local network.


Hi @ChingisKhaan27,

Please be informed that Plex for My Cloud Home is not available for download from plex. tv/downloads. A paid Plex Pass may be required for remote media streaming using the Plex Mobile App

Local Area Network streaming does not require a Paid Plex Pass

Please refer to the below link for 3rd Party App: How to Enable and Configure Plex Service on My Cloud Home

I have the same issue in that when I click the configure button the page does not load. Please do not put the previous link up again, that just says you’re not listening to us.

I enable Plex on My Cloud Home, the configure button appears, I press the button and the following page does not load. This is very frustrating. I have had no end of trouble this year with this device including total loss of all data on the drive.

Your assistance WD would very much be appreciated.


Have you managed to fix this? Just received my My Cloud Home today and ran into the same problem. This is literally the reason I bought this product, so if it doesn’t work it’s pretty useless to me!


They haven’t offered any real help. They just don’t support this product anymore with Plex it seems. And the people on the Plex forums seem to say it wouldn’t be ideal anyway. The product works fine as a backup for phones, PCs, and whatnot, but if you’re using it for Plex primarily, I’d return it.

Not at all Got virtually no support from WD. So I purchased a Synology NAS. Works so much better.

Hi I’m having the same problem but only since the install of the automatic install of the latest software on the my home cloud. Worked fine with Plex for 2 years and now no joy.
Can you tell me which Synology NAS you bought and successfully use with Plex?

I’d be interested in knowing what kind of NAS to buy also as MyCloud Home is just an expensive paper weight if I can’t access my media on it from a smart TV.
Been having this problem for ages now and still relying on my OS3 device for streaming!

Hopefully the other device will just work or at least have some support instead of just posting links to irrelevant information that loops back on its self any time you try to figure anything out about how to use it!

I do believe it’s the DS220+. But I’ll upgrade when $ are available to a 4 bay model. The 220+ suits my needs at the moment.