Can't complete My Book Live Setup


I recently had a hard drive die on my Macbook.  I have now got a new one and am trying to setup Time Machine on it.  I have downloaded the WD My Book LIve Setup Software but it won’t complete the setup.  I keep getting the messsage:
"We’ve detected that you may not be able to:

Configure the device (settings, etc.)

Copy files to or from the device"

I actually have a second mac and have exactly the same issue if I try and setup on there.  

I would be happy to try a factory reset but as I can’t gain access to the My Book Live, I can’t figure out a way of doing that.  I have tried a soft reset.

I’m using Macbook Air, OS X 10.9

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


I am having the same problem with my MacBook Pro running Mavericks now but the problem still existed on my previous OS version. I am not able to log in to my dashboard in WD Quickview so cannot asses the problem or run any updates. I will be interested to se what responses you get back.

Can I add that the other computer having the same problem is running Mountain Lion, the newer computer is on Mavericks, so I suspect it is not related to the OS.

you can login to the dashboard of the WD Live by using your web browser and entering the address http://xxxx/UI/  where xxxx is the local IP address assigned to your MBL by your router.  Check your router DHCP clients table list for the IP address if you do not already know it.

Thanks, but after doing that, I just get a blank page.