Can't clone to wd 2 tb black

When trying to clone a wd 640 gig to the 2 TB using acronis it says make sure hard disk is big enough or and error in the parttion. I have scanned,tested,fornatted,defragged and tried external dock. It is a SATA 6 and I have it plugged in a SATA 6 card but the external dock is a esata. I don’t think that matters though. Any help would be great. Thanks


If possible can you post a screen shot of the exact error message for others to see. also what is your OS?

XP, Vista or Win 7?

Thanks in advance.

It’s win 7 and I am running another scan and soon as it is done I will run true image again. When it reboot and starts it stops and says sector error and press key to reboot.

When I reboot after slecting drives it says.

Analyzing 100%

Locking partitions 100%

Checking partions 0% check error: index corrupted

any help would be great.

The error was on the C drive. All good now.