Can't Boot From New Blue 1TB drive

I’m running Windows 7 . I was running a 100GB IDE drive as Master and a 650GB SATA drive as my slave. I replaced the master drive with a 1TB Blue SATA drive. After reinstalling Windows 7, I found that I CANNOT boot up, with BOTH drives installed! If I disconnect the slave drive, no problems. BIOS initial screen SEES BOTH DRIVES. However, when I go to the BIOS Boot Sequence screen, it DOES NOT see the slave drive! Any ideas? I’ve tried everything I know to try.

Hello, cajun1955

SATA drives do not have a master/slave setting. have them check the motherboard to see how may SATA drives it supports. there may be multiple SATA controllers and they may need to connect to different SATA ports. both should be seen ion the BIOS and boot priority set to boot from the SATA device with the OS on it.

Thanks for responding. It has 4 SATA connection points on the
motherboard. I have my primary drive plugged into SATA 1, secondary into
SATA2. I have an IDE drive hooked up for backup only.

In the BIS Main screen, all three drIves are indicated, in their proper
motherboard configuration.
BUT, when I go to Boot Device Priority, ONLY the IDE drive is shown!
When I go to Hard Disk Drives, again, all three drives are shown!

What’s up with that appearing/disappearing/appearing act? The Asus and WD
IT folks are little to no help whatsoever!


It is helpful for me. Thank you Tutuapp apk