...Can't be completed ...".DS_Store" already exists

I just received a MyCloud 4TB NAS over the holidays and I’m now transferring files from my old ‘MyBookWorld’ to the new device. I’m using a Mac (OS X El Capitan) ecosystem and am using ‘Finder’ to drag and drop the files from one device to the other.

I am continually running into the same error ‘The operation cannot be completed because an item with the name “.DS_Store” already exists.’

Should I be moving this massive amount of music via a WD application instead? Would that prevent this ridiculous error from occurring?

I just want to get the project finished. It is beyond frustrating.

This may work for you, see the User Manual Appendix C P.95. If it will work with your Mac you may not have this problem.


Thanks for the reply.

Both the MyBookWorld and the WDMC are connected via ethernet to router (Netgear Nighthawk gigabit router).

I’m under the assumption that the only roll my computer is playing is to facilitate the relocation of the files, and that the files are not visiting the computer at all.

Are you saying I should USB to USB the devices? That may/may not provide for better speeds, but the issue I’m having seems to be the files’ transference is being impeded by a file that gets written to a folder for the respective files and winds up precluding them from being written themselves.

No, after looking at My Book World, I would say you have to go the way you have every thing setup.

Are you able to drag and drop all of your music at once?

Yes, this takes a while to move it. When I first backed up my computers to My Cloud I did it at night so I would not tie up my computers during the daytime. Example was, music then videos then pictures etc. each night until everything was backed up. I did my desktop first and then my laptop.

Yes, I’m able to drag and drop the files, as I’m seeing the files on the new drive, but periodically it gets impeded by the ‘The operation can’t be completed because an item with the name “.DS_Store” already exists.’ message of doom.

I did a Wikipedia search on this and according to the information this exist in every folder in Finder.

Since it’s a ‘system file’, there may be a way to tell Finder not to copy them.

Google for “Mac folder copy .Ds_store exists” gives useful-looking hits.