Cant add apps after 2.11.133 update

I updated my WDEX2 to firmware 2.11.133
Since then i have noticed some issues with apps tab

When i go to the apps tab it loads but takes a significant period of time before anything becomes clickable.
The plex media app would take forever to show up.

I was also having issues accessing the plex media server so i decided to update the plex server firmware.

This is when i noticed that in the apps tab the button to add an app never becomes active. If i click on an app the remove button becomes active and indeed i was able to remove plex.

I have tried a reboot with no sucess. I have tried going to the apps tab and just leaving it for ages but the “add” button never becomes active.

please help!


The following KBA may be valid if upgraded from 1.06 (OS1) to 2.11 (OS3) firmware