Can't access WD2go on Android as well as on iphone

I have tried everything to access WD my booklive remotely using the andriod app and iphone wd2go, resetting my book live, re-installing the app on phone with no success at all.

After ait of reserach on google and changing the DHCP tostatic and then changing port forwarding on WD mybooklive and on my netgear dgnd3700 router I have go it going on mobile using 3g.

I am not sure how long this will work. I have attached some photos.

I have got error showing on the dashboard of we mybook live for port forwarding, if someone on the forum could help me rectifying this error it will be great, thank u

that relay connection is an alternative OpenVPN connection with the server of wd, but it works like **bleep**, bcs in most time it won’t work, randomly getting on and soon disconnect…
When you see the relay connection on dashboard, you will also find a network interface called tun0 is up by run the ifconfig command in ssh terminal, it’s an openvpn interface…