Can't access WD My Passport external drive with NAS device

I’m trying to connect my WD My Passport as an external storage drive to my QNAP TS251 NAS device. The NAS is able to see the My Passport but fails to access it. My Passport works with no problems when connected to my Windows 10 computer.
Error message from NAS “Volum can’t be mounted or recognized”

I think the Bitlocker on my passport is making that problem to the NAS since there’s no way to access it from there.
Has anyone made a solution to this problem?
Is there a way to turn off BitLocker or maybe erase it completely?

Many thanks in advanced

Bitlocker is a Windows-specific feature. Is that what you’re referring to, or are you referring to WD’s disk security feature of the Passport?

Thanks TonyPh12345
I mistakenly mixed up between both. BitLocker from Windows and the WD’s disk security feature of the Passport. Two separate things as you said.
The problem was with the second and after a day of researc here and there it is now resolved
What i did is to download the WD Security software from their support page.
Plugged the WD external into the PC and ran the program.
Entered the old password.
Checked Disable Password.
Plugged the passport again into the NAS and it all went well