Can't access WD My Cloud

I have the 2TB model.
Upgraded to OS 5 a few weeks ago and all looked good for a while
Yesterday I noticed the shared folders were no longer present on local network.
Blue light is flashing fast.
Reboot does not change anything.
Is the device bricked ? Anything I can do to bring it back to life ?

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Please refer to the below article on Blinking White or Blue Power LED on My Cloud:

Thanks. I will look at the suggested article.

I am puzzled and disappointed as to why after years of solid stability, the upgrade to OS 5 destroyed my drive within 2 weeks after the upgrade.

I upgrated yesterday and I can no longer access the drive or my information. when I try to connect on the same network it says connection failed. When I try to access remotely it says network timeout. I cannot even access the admin page anymore. Does anybody know how to fix this?

In the article mentioned above, what are the alert codes and where could one see them if the drive is not accessible ? (only blue light is blinking fast)

I have 3 My Cloud devices which ran without any issues for several years.
I upgraded them to OS 5 and they continued to work fine for a couple of weeks.
Then one of them suddenly bricked - fast flashing blue light, no network access, unrecoverable.
Then a second one broke - still accessible on network, but any attempt to copy files to the devices causes it to hang and needs a reboot - unusable, not sure if recoverable yet.

My advice is do NOT upgrade to OS 5 unless you absolutely need it, and do not trust your data on a WD My Cloud. A failure rate of 2 out of 3 devices within days of upgrade could be coincidental, but I doubt it.

Obviously since this type of drive failure happened to many people recently, it is no coincedence.
My drive has the flashing blue light for over a week now. I do not beleive it is still doing the indexing process. I assume it is bricked.
Is there anyway to rescue the data somehow ?

How is this article helpfull if I can no longer access the device in any way ?
Can you suggest how to recover from this flashing blue light disaster ?

While the following link discusses how someone with OS3 fixed their My Cloud with a fast blinking front LED it may be a starting point to try and deal with the issue on OS5. Likely one will have to modify the steps to use the OS5 firmware. As always one proceeds at their own risk!!!

If one has a single bay My Cloud, one can always remove/extract the hard drive from the single bay enclosure then connect that hard drive to a computer using a USB to SATA adapter (docking station or spare SATA port) and then using either Linux or a Windows Linux EXT4 driver, read the contents of the hard drive and access their user files.

Thanks for the info…I can give it a try…I assume if it won’t work I can still pull out the HD and connect it to a SATA port to copy the important files off the drive. Also, waiting for WD support to comment on a ticket I opened for this problem. so far silence.

Update: I created the USB flash drive with the BOOT folder as advised.
When plugged into the MYCLOUD drive while the power is switched off and back on there is no red/yellow light…only flashing blue

Not if you’re using Windows. File structure incompatible.

I understand there is a windows driver that allows accessing Linux file systems.
Btw, the WD tech support folks must be drunk. I am telling them the device is bricked and they ask for system logs…

Yes. Some programs/drivers may not allow for write access however.

Linux File Systems for Windows by Paragon Software

Ext2Fsd Project

DiskInternals Linux Reader


If one has Windows 11 (or certain versions of Windows 10) one may be able to use WSL 2.0 to mount a Linux disk.

Mount a Linux disk in WSL 2

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Was able to access the data on the srive from Windows using DiskInternals Linux Reader.
All folders are readable and I can copy what I need to a writeable hard drive.