Can't access WD My Book Live

My first post.
I am running a desktop PC, win 10 pro. Netgear cable modem.
I have several 3 WD My Book live duos on my network as well as other brands. One of WD drives has recently become impossible to access or remap. It has 2 x 4TB WD drives & is running in Raid 1.
My router can see it. When I type in the IP address in my browser the WD UI sees it & I can check it’s health etc. which it tells me everything is fine. I have been able to give the drive a static IP address.
Windows Explorer cannot access it.
Any ideas where I could look for a setting to solve this problem.

What happens when you try to access it? Do you get an error message? Can you access it via the mobile app? Can you access it when the other WD My Book Live Duo NAS devices are turned off?

I managed to solve my problem. It appears it was a heat issue. I unplugged it & put it on my desk for an hour or so. Once it had cooled, I plugged it all back in & let the system find it & it’s now back working fine & accessible.

Thank you.