Can't access to my file via WD Cloud Apps

Hi, all.

I bought My Cloud Mirror couple of days ago, and got stuck at opening my file on the storage via Mobile Apps.

When i try to open a file(any kind of file such as image file, text file or video file), the error message pops up. Here’s how it  looks like :

(Sorry, it’s French. Maybe it would be written ‘Invalid Request’ in English)

But strangely, iPhone ver. can open these files without any problem.

Ok, So i checked another Android device, but the same error message was appeared like the first screenshot.

So how can i fix them? I usually threat my files on Android tablet.

OK, I think i found a solution myself.

There were top folders ‘public’ and ‘privé’ which means ‘private’ and created by me.

I changed the folder name ‘privé’ to ‘prive’, without l’accent aigu, and everything works perfectly!

But it seems only the top folders are applied to the problem, I created a subfolder naming with l’accent aigu and l’accent grave, and i was able to copy a file into the folder and open it.

Hello, i am glad you were able to find a solution to your issue, hopefully this will help other users with the same issue in the future.


Ok, I got it. Thank you.