Can't access to my EX2Ultra after change to static IP

I was playing with the config settings in order to get speed improvements in tx/rx and followed one post on this community and changed the dynamic IP to a Static one…and i’m not able to get connected to the unit any longer.

Any idea on how to access again?

Thanks in advance!

@FlyAngler check your network cable or pin reset the My Cloud.

Thanks a lot!

I’ll try and let you know the results.
On the other hand, I was trying this out (ip change) in order to avoid timeouts on transfer of files over the internet.
Is there any guide or troubleshooting for this matter?

Sorry to say this, but I’m thinking to return my unit due to the low performance and check for other options :frowning:

Thanks for the no answer.
I’m returning my EX2Ultra today after receiving a Synology DS218+, just few more money and as per my previous search a better support…
My mistake relying on a well known brand and no search before my purchase, it won’t happen again for sure

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You are 100% right!

The deliver software which does not work properly! :frowning:

the OS 5 is a sabotage. They want us to have to buy something new. It’s the 2020 way.