Can't access the Mybooklive UI anymore

Suddenly I can’t access the Mybooklive UI anymore,  I can still access the shares, but not the firmware interface.  My browser thinks it’s an address on the internet and I wind up elsewhere (like on an OpenDNS search page).

I also used to be able to access the shares with a samba client in addition to WD2Go, which came in handy as it allowed me to upload files from my tablet and/or phone to a particular share.  Now it won’t connect, I get a “connection timed out” error. 

Without the ability to reach the firmware UI I can’t even access the settings on the drive or create new shares.

Can anyone help?

Try pressing the reset button for 4 seconds. Or just try another web browser.

Try accessing your MBL by IP address and not name. If you did enable SSH access then . . . .

(Still worth a look at that discussion thread if not.)