Can't access smartware backup files from my PC

I am able to access smartware backup files on My Cloud Personal Cloud storage
from my mobile device, but not able to access smartware backup files from my PC for some reason.
Please help

@wongjimcl Where is your WD My Cloud located? What type of Mobile Device do you have? What type of PC do you have, is it a Laptop, Desktop etc.? Where are you using these devices when you want to use SmartWare to see your files?

Have you read the SmartWare User Manual?

My WD My Cloud is located at home connected to the ethernet port of the router.
I have iPhone/iPad mobile device
I have window 10 PC, and apple air
I using these devices remotely from internet connection of Starbuck.

I have glanced through SmartWare user manual.

I also created a new topic to address the issues I really have.
Basically I bought WD My cloud because it was marketed by WD that you can remotely access anything stored or backed up in My Cloud drive anywhere in the world using any devices.

The key issue is I need to be able to remote access the smartware share stored in My cloud using window PC, Mac or Iphone. What I was able to confirm was that I was able to remotely access smartware share stored in My cloud drive from hotel or starbuck WiFI using WD mobile apps on my iPhone and iPad. But, the biggest problem I have is that I was never able to remotely access the smartware share stored in My Cloud drive using my Window PC or the MAC from hotel/Startbuck WIFI. I have no problem remotely accessing the smartware share using the WD mobile apps on my iPhone/iPad. Why is that? is there some settings not done correctly? I really need your help. It is critical for my job to be able to remotely access the smartware share using my Window PC, or else I would need to return WD My Cloud drive

I think I have addressed my issues very clearly with the right technical terms so there shouldn’t be any confusion about my questions. Looking forward to your reply.


The Smartware program does not (as far as I can remember) support remote backup or retreival from a My Cloud device. WD Sync however does apparently support syncing to a remote My Cloud (if I remember right).

WD made the decision a while ago to prevent users from accessing the Smartware folder and the Time Machine backup folder on the My Cloud if using the web portal. Don’t remember their reasoning but they mentioned they did it in a post somewhere.

If one hasn’t updated their firmware on their single bay My Cloud then it’s possible the My Cloud Desktop application/software may still function even though it has been End of Life since 2016.

Not sure it was ever advertised that the Smtartware or Time Machine backup feature worked remotely.

One could enable the insecure FTP option of the My Cloud, enable port forwarding of the FTP port in the network router which may give one remote access to the Smartware and Time Machine folders.

Or one can setup a VPN server on their network where the My Cloud resides and use a VPN tunnel to access the My Cloud as if one was on the same local network as the My Clouid. Using VPN would or should allow one to use Smartware or Time Machine remotely.

@wongjimcl Here is what I have done to work around this. I have another share created, Horace, and the same thing that is backed up to the SmartWare share is backed up on it. Another way is to move the SmartWare share to the Public folder, this may take a while depending on how much you have backed up. See example images below. Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge them.