Can't access shared folder or web portal of My Book after enabled SSH and disabled FTP

I have My Book World Edition Network Storage
After i enabled SSH and disable FTP on it, i can’t log in it web interface and can’t even open its shared folders.

When i try to log in to it i receive the below message even before i got a user name and password window.

Index of ./

. 09Feb2012 08:11 4096
… 09Feb2012 08:11 4096
???admin 01Jan1970 02:00 4096
???eula 09Feb2012 08:11 4096
help 09Feb2012 08:11 4096
???mionet 09Feb2012 08:11 4096
???share 09Feb2012 08:11 4096
???ui.css 18Mar2008 08:42 6439
mini_httpd/1.19 19dec2003

I tried to reset it to its default setting without lossing any data by pushing the reset button for 20 minute, but it wasn’t resetted

Please help

I think the problem is that the web server on MyBook is down. How can i make its service start or at least restore the initial configuration of MyBook?