Can't access MyCloudEX2Ultra from Windows 10 Western Digital application

As the title says, I can’t access my MyCloudEX2Ultra from the Western Digital application. However, I can access it from the appropriate IP in my browser, and from my file explorer.

Unfortunately, those two options really don’t allow my to control applications on the MyCloudEX2Ultra, the latter of which doesn’t allow me to change any of its settings whatsoever. Do you guys have any suggestions? The pinned thread in this category says the NAS I have should be supported by this software.

When you say WD application do you mean (WD Access ) ?

It’s just called WD for me. I got it off the Microsoft Store.

in notes in the system requirements it says that the supported drives are : My Passport; My Passport Edge; WD Elements; My Book; My Book Live; My Book Live Duo; My Cloud; My Cloud EX4. MyCloudEX2Ultra is not supported. I personally tested.

I still use on my MyCloudEX2Ultra the old WD Access with latest windows 10
let me have full access to open or access settings menu

olease attach print scrren of the app. This is mine

may help

it is an old app ( unappreciated) because of security or because it worked too well.

WD Access , is a utility that will discover your WD Cloud device on your network and provide you tools for uploading files, access to the WD Cloud dashboard and other shortcut features.Jan 24, 2016