Can't access MyBookWorld networked drive

I’ve been running a MyBook World networked drive for almost four years now. Recently my WD Anywhere Backup Premium software stopped being able to access the networked drive. I don’t know why it did that, but I have tons of files that it keeps reminding me need to be backed up. I can see the drive on my network and within Explorer, but the WD software can’t connect. The drive’s IP address is, but the software keeps looking for I don’t know why it’s suddenly different but how can I reset the IP address the software is looking for so it can get back into the drive? There doesn’t seem to be anyplace within the backup software to change where it’s looking.

Hi, check if you have any Antivirus or firewall that might be blocking Anywhere Backup.  

Nope. It doesn’t seem to be an antivirus problem. It was all working just fine for months/years, then one day it became inaccessible. Still working on it, but thanks for the suggestion.

It seems you have a DNS issue. If MBL got a new DHCP address, it probably was not updated. 

You can either try a “ipconfig /flushdns” on the Win machine, if you have it. Or also try to reboot the router, or whoever provides you DNS resolution for the LAN.