Can't access my shares

Hello Guys,

I have an EX4 (12 TB).  Works fine, but I can’t connect to my shares after a reset.

When rebooting (I have to do it manually, because with the explorer only the activity leds, are setting off), I must reïnstall the software again. After setting up an admin I could to connect my cloud again (home network).

When in Dashbaord, I can see the shares but when going to a share to give priviliges to the share to users,…  The permissions are greyed out.  To say.  I can’t change the permissions. Even as admin it isn’t possible.

What should I do, without reformatting?  Because There are 8GB of data on the four disk. I don’t want to lose it.



Hello MotorMouse, welcome to the Community. Have you tried doing a system only restore?