Can't access my dashboard

Okay I bought the N900 Western Digital Router about two months ago and it works great, however, I want to be able to be able to lockout certain devices at certain times.  My problem is everytime I try to access my dashboard through the user name and password, I get a invalid name/password please try again message.  Below is a list of all I have done to try to get into my settings.

1.  Turned the power off on the router and back on.

2.  Pressed the reset button on the bottom.

3.  Tried admin/password to access it following both of these.

4.  Cleared my history including cookies to make sure a password has not been put in by mistake.

5.  Used both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

6.  I have switched from Home 1 to Home 2 and tried to access the login that way and nothing.

I have already dealt with support and I am basically thinking that my router is somehow defective.  I had any success accessing my router at all.  The parental controls function DOES work, but what good is it if I can’t list the devices that have access.  I need some real help here or if not an RMA number to get a replacement unit.

Thanks in advance any that may help me.


 2.  Pressed the reset button on the bottom.

Sorry for the presumptuous question, but did you hold it down until the power LED begins blinking?

i have the same problem and ive hit reset and unplugged it and i have the mynet600 nothing seems to help i need in there to allow my tablet online and my husbands and daughters phone unless someone could reset the username and password to default  its worthless im just going to buy another router this is frustrating

Same question above your post applies…

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yes i did and i still cant log on if someone could just reset it it would make my day thanks

So after doing that, do you go through the Quck Setup steps again, or does it immediately ask you for a password?

After going through all that, it STILL asks me for a password and now my Wireless Networking Channel 1 (since its a dual) is not working.  RMA back to WD for a replacement.  If I end up having trouble with the replacement one, I am going back to my old Linksys N and WD can keep their stupid networking devices.  They make good harddrives, but they have a long way to go in making a good network device.