Cant access my cloud as hd from mac desktop?

Would like to use iMovie with my cloud to make home movies. At the moment I can only access it online. How do I use it as an external HD?

The My Cloud is a network attached storage (NAS) device that you can access using Mac Finder. Have you mapped the My Cloud to your Mac?

If iMovie won’t access NAS devices due to not being in a proper Apple format then its a problem with the iMovie program/application and you’ll probably have to inquire with Apple as to how to proceed.

How do I find the server name? The server that comes up in my history won’t let me mount onto the public drive which is where I have added all my files too?

The server “name” is the name of the My Cloud. The same name you use to access the My Cloud Dashboard. The default is typically “wdmycloud”.

I have got in touch with someone to give me a tutorial as I’m finding it quite tricky. We sign in with an email and password and it comes up as a public profile. I can’t seem to access the original dashboard so may have set up incorrectly

If you’re accessing local to your own network, you are using the wrong access method; you don’t need the email address to connect locally, you need the username and password. Email is used for remote access via the website. You simply want to map the drive into the Mac’s file system; read the link Bennor posted.

I suggest you download and read the user manual.

Sign into what? What web address are you using? To access the My Cloud Dashboard one typically uses:
Windows: http://wdmycloud
Mac: http://wdmycloud.local

See the following WD Support document for more information:

If you haven’t already done so you should read the My Cloud User Manual which provides information on how to access the Dashboard and how to use the various My Cloud features/options.