Can't access


Is there any problem? I tried from my computer and Iphone.


I am having the same problem.  I cannot access the from any of my PCs or laptops (uised to connect).  Desktop app won’t connect and the android phone client won’t connect either.


Same here (Belgium) can’t access Cloud over internet only LAN… this **bleep** (on top of the v4 firmware…)

I think someone has pulled out a major plug since other WD sites are unreachable…

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Yep, looks like WD is having infrastructure or server problems…

But hey… it happens.  

but, again and again? :wink:

Yes, the service does seem to be down more than it is up. I am seriously thinking of finding an alternative.

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We have passed this along to support.

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We’re looking into this now.  It should be fixed shortly.

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I can’t access

What is the problem? When will it be fixed?

Just checked. Website access, Android access and pc desktop access is back online.


I just checked website access, iphone access and mac access are still off line.

Just checked again. I have full access.

Back online now… for now.

We’re going to count this as fixed.  Private message me if something changes.

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