Cant access folder content as Admin

I have a My Cloud Mirror on which I have set up public folders, as well as private folders to backup individual PCs. The public folders are accessible, but I cannot figure out how to access the private folders (a.k.a. shares) where the backups are occurring. Using the desktop app I can see and change all the settings for each folder, but I can’t access the content. I have set these folders up to be read/write accessible by the user and by the admin (me). And I can access my own folder when I log in under my own personal ID. But I can’t access the folders as the admin. What am I doing wrong?

You have to log into the share using the appropriate credentials. But Windows won’t let you use two different sets of credentials to access two different shares – and you really shouldn’t need to… just set the shares to be readable by YOU (your personal ID) since you are the admin.

Thanks Tony! I set all the backup folders to be read/write accessible using only my personal login, and I can now access them all.