Can't access

Title says it all. After going to When I click on sign in I get this error:

This page isn’t working took too long to respond.



“The server encountered an unexpected error which prevented it from completing your request. Please close this window and start the sign in process again.”

I’m pretty sure it’s not my computer/OS/network/internet settings. My system accesses my devices just fine most of the time but randomly won’t (and I get the message above which, to me, suggests it on WD’s end, not mine).

Anybody else unable to access the WD login servers?

Yes, we all do!!

Western Digital is being very quiet about this. How come the community isn’t in uproar about it???

Short answer: Because they don’t give a ■■■■.

Look, these cute little toys they’ve been selling to home-users were designed to be the most basic NAS for dummies - no offence to owners / users!

The OS developed by some so inexperienced developers is also so locked up so people can’t mess it up - therefore no need for technical support. Worst scenario, users are asked to reset their NAS!!

In short, these products cost cheap for WD but very much over-priced for even the most basic users - compare to other vendors’.

Any other vendor spends times and resources on an ongoing basis to ensure new functionalities and stabilities EXCEPT WD!!

Well, when their servers are up and running these basic little boxes work fine. But I agree their servers are still down because they don’t appear to give a &@#$.

Hi all, the My Cloud OS cloud service is currently down and our team is looking into the issue. You can also check the service status here:

Same problem here!!!

Hi all, the issue has been resolved by our team. The service is back up. Sorry for the inconvenience.

For me doesn’t work.

It said: can’t connect to cloud.
Here what you can do to try to fix it…

Well, their servers appear to be back online so I can log on via Still cant access some of my WD cloud drives reliably, though.