Can't access certain web sites

Hello, I’m new here and I hope someone can help me resolve a problem with my MYNet900. The problem is that certain web pages will not load. What the web pages seem to have in common is that they are all financial related, i.e. sites that I use to access my accounts (my checking account, mutual funds, etc.) or a couple that I use to monitor my accounts. I thought it might be some sort of a virus or malware, because there is no problem using either of two other computers when accessing. Also when I connect my main computer directly from my Comcast modem all of these sites connect instantly. So I’m thinking there must be some setting either in my main computer or in the router that needs to be changed? Anyone have any ideas? If I cannot resolve this then I will return the MyNet900 out of the system and use the Comcast modem as it also has wireless capability. However I would like to keep it because of the extra ports it provides.

So do the pages return errors?   If so, what error do you get?

What is the N900’s DNS set to?

When trying to load one of these sites under a new tab the web page simply times out (with no error message). Right now I am bypassing the 900 (with connection direct from modem) but when I did have it connected I printed the main settings from My Dashboard. For “Primary DNS Server” it showed .

Try disabling Fast track plus  “QOS”  that worked for me.I had the very same problem.It doesn’t make sense,I know,but that is what needs to be done.I asked the WD support tech Why,and i never got a whole answer.

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Xander_Ace, thanks so much for helping me out!  Disabling FastTrack Plus QoS resolved the issue immediately. 

P.S. I thought this was supposed to be a feature??? Hopefully the next firmware update will make it all better.

Have the same problem can’t certain web sites or use Windows Live mail and like to keep router for same reason as JBaumgart. Followed the solution given out by Xander_Ace disabling the Fast track plus  “QOS” and it worked. Have that web site and have E-mail. Put trouble ticket into WD and I will tell them that it was fixed. I hope they fix the problem. Thanks Xander_Ace for the help.