Can't access backup or retrieve tabs on My Passport Studio

So I am having difficulty even getting started on what is supposed to be a very simple external hard drive.  I’d appreciate any help for whatever obvious steps I am missing!  I am trying to use My Passport Studio with my MacBook Pro 10.6.8.  It appears that I was able to successfullly install WD Drive Utilites, WD Security and WD Smartware (these icons all come up in my Apps).  However when I click on WD Smartware I can see the Home, Backup, Retrieve and Settings tabs - but I can only click on Home & Settings.  I cannot access Backup or Retrieve.  What am I doing wrong?  I’m assuming the Backup tab is what I need to access to specify exactly what  I want saved to My Passport from my Mac.  Thanks for any help!

Can be two things

The drive is locked with a password or the drive is not been recognized 

Try unlocking with the Smartware app…

Can you see the drive icon on the desktop? 


I do have the drive set-up to be locked, but it appears to successfully unlock when I enter my password.  The drive icon then appears on my desktop.  When I click on the icon “My Passport Aps” opens and then “WD Utilities” & “WD Security”.  Both the Utilities & Security appear to have been  successful installed.  Clicking on WD Utilities gives me the option to run several tests under Diagnostics, all of which have been successful.

The one thing I have not done is choose the option to back up time machine.  I have just clicked “decide later”.

Any thoughts?  Thank you

not necessary to run Time Machine and Smartware at the same time…

What version of Smartware do you have?

Try updating the software…

You can backup with TM or Smartware it’s your choice