Canon EOS R CR3 Raw file preview and handling problem

Canon EOS R CR3 Raw file preview and handling problem.
Raw files imported from SD Card.
MyCloud app cannot be recognised.
they are locked down and cannot do anything.
cannot open them in other apps.
is there any update coming up?
or is there any work around?
please help.
stuck in the middle of nowhere when away from my computer for a long time.
thank you very much.

Hi franktsang,

Unfortunately, Canon EOS R CR3 is not present in My Passport Wireless Pro’s RAW image thumbnail support at this time and have no details regarding the future updates. You can have a look on below article for more details:

@Brandon.P, That is a very poor answer to a question relating to what is touted as a device for professional photographers. I would have thought WD would be working to allow seamless integration with all of the Apps for processing photos. I use both LightRoom and Affinity Photo but to couple these with my MyPassport Pro is near on impossible. CR3 has been out for nearly two years and WD has no support for reading that. To me that is rediculous. I have seen several posts regarding this and the response from the WD staff has been nothing short of pathetic. All you get is try this and try that. Shot in Raw and JPEG and you can work out what the photo is that way… Really?? Is WD a professional Company. AT this point I am beginning to wonder

No worries Brandon. the HP team response is not very customer or photographer friendly. We will share this experience in the photographer chat forums so that other photographers and possible Passport customers that would like both backup AND thumbnail preview of th3 emerging Canon standard of CR3 can be fully informed.