Cannot use USB port 1 only port 2

My Cloud Mirror has two USB ports. I am able to access a USB drive through port 2 but not through port 1. The USB device knows it is connected on port 1 because its light comes on in the same way as when accessable but the My Cloud device does not recognise it is there. The device is not faulty If I plug the same device into port 2 there is no problem. This happens with two different WD USB devices. Is this a fault in the My Cloud or is it design?

Sounds like a hardware fault to me. I have WD Elements hard drives hanging on both ports of my Gen1 MCM and it sees both of them fine.

Thanks Darren,

Mine is a Gen 2 MCM. I thought it might be a hardware fault but wanted to check if this was an undocumented soft ‘feature’ before returning the device to Amazon for a replacement.