Cannot use 2 My Book usb 3's at the same time

I did the whole card install and even flashed the firmware in both drives, but my computer running Win 7 won’t see both drives plugged into the WD USB 3 card at the same time.

They are 1 TB each. If I unmount one and plug in the other it works, but like I said both won’t at the same time.



Go into Disk Management and make sure both drives have different letter and that they are online. Look on the left down in the bars there will be a box with drive 1 or whatever and if it’s off line right cleck there and change it to online.


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Joe gave a good option, to change the letter on one of the drive, another option would be to verify when you go to disk management if one of the drive is showing offline, if that’s the case just right click on the offline drive and select the option that allows you to make the drive online.

Good advice, but it is better if you rename both drives, connecting one drive at the time and then do what Joe recommended.

Hi Joe,

I did just get off the phone with WD Tech Support. He did have me go into Disk management, like you said. The 2nd drive was offline so the solution was simply to put it “on line” again like you said.

Thanks for your and everyone elses help!

That was easy and now I know.