Cannot update firmware on EX4100

My My Cloud EX4100 (4x6TB) refuses to update the firmware. I’m currently on 5.11.112 and it hasn’t been updated since March. When I try to use the Update Now button in the dashboard, it stops at around 21% or so. When I try to manually upload a downloaded image file, I get “Firmware file not found. Please try again.”

I think my problem is the rootfs / /dev/root folder is only 54.2M and is unable to accommodate the firmware update file size. I believe this is the OS folder, which is usually 1.9GB. I’ve never had any issues until the 5.11.112 update.

I’m not sure what to do to fix it, and can only do the basic SSH commands.

Here’s my outputs via SSH.

df -h

Filesystem                Size      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root                54.2M     54.2M         0 100% /
devtmpfs               1017.6M     64.0K   1017.6M   0% /dev
mdev                   1017.6M     64.0K   1017.6M   0% /dev
ubi0:config              12.1M    184.0K     11.3M   2% /usr/local/config
/dev/loop0              121.5M    121.5M         0 100% /usr/local/modules
tmpfs                     1.0M         0      1.0M   0% /mnt
tmpfs                    40.0M      4.6M     35.4M  11% /var/log
tmpfs                   100.0M     18.4M     81.6M  18% /tmp
/dev/sdc4               928.9M    165.2M    747.7M  18% /mnt/HD_c4
/dev/sdd4               928.9M     68.0K    912.8M   0% /mnt/HD_d4
/dev/sdb4               928.9M     68.0K    912.8M   0% /mnt/HD_b4
/dev/sda4               928.9M     68.0K    912.8M   0% /mnt/HD_a4
/dev/md0                 16.3T     10.9T      5.2T  68% /mnt/HD/HD_a2

df -i

Filesystem              Inodes      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root                14336      2263     12073  16% /
devtmpfs                 24168       752     23416   3% /dev
mdev                     24168       752     23416   3% /dev
ubi0:config                  0         0         0   0% /usr/local/config
/dev/loop0                8180      8180         0 100% /usr/local/modules
tmpfs                        0         0         0   0% /mnt
tmpfs                        0         0         0   0% /var/log
tmpfs                    20000        97     19903   0% /tmp
/dev/sdc4               258048       237    257811   0% /mnt/HD_c4
/dev/sdd4               258048        22    258026   0% /mnt/HD_d4
/dev/sdb4               258048        22    258026   0% /mnt/HD_b4
/dev/sda4               258048        22    258026   0% /mnt/HD_a4
/dev/md0             274515968   3336626 271179342   1% /mnt/HD/HD_a2

Anyone else run into this issue and have a solution?

while we wait for a better answer you might try a progressive update

might be that getting one of those to load can clear up the size problem.

@tuanies Did you create a Support Case? If not please Click Here and create one share the number with me.

Also, please share the MC logs in the Support case.

Just submitted one, reference#210811-004232


I have the same problem. Did you ever find a solution and were you able to update the firmware?

Thank you.