Cannot setup wired network


When I used to have my 2wire DSL modem with WEP security, I was able to connect the ethernet cable to my TV live hub and I would get Internet without any problems. Lately, I have changed to a 25Mbps fibre optic service. My modem accepts B+G+N, however, for now, this should not be an issue since I’m still going with the ethernet cable. I am not able to configure the live hub network. It always states that error:

Unable to obtain an IP address. The WD TV has limited or no network connectivity.

When I look at the ends of the ethernet cable, it flashes at the live hub but does not where it is connected to my modem. I have tried to set-up the live hub network in manual mode…wrote down the IP address, the subnet mask and then, the same as the IP, the gateway and DNS. Still would not work.

-I have authorized the live hub MAC address

-My modem is set to ‘Obtain DNS information automatically’

  • DHCP Status:  Enable

UPnP Status: Enabled


DLNA Status: Enabled

-DynDNS Status: Not connected


 WAN Mode:  VDSL



If someone can find the time to help me out, this would be great. Thank you.

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If you’re not getting LED’s on the modem-end of the ethernet cable, the first thing I’d check is the cable, or try a different port on the modem.

Make sure both ends are “Locked” into place.

Cable is fine. Cat5 ethernet cable that works fine with the laptop, and used to work fine with the live hub when I used to have the other modem.

I am sure the problem has something to do with some settings…