Cannot select share in WD Smartware with Windows 8

To whom this may concern,

I just recently purchased a windows 8 laptop.  I’ve had the WD MyBook Live 3TB drive for about a month now (great product btw) and wanted to setup the software to run on this new laptop.  Trouble I am having is I created specific shares (private) to store all my computer’s backups and one for my wife’s computers.  On this new laptop when I open WD Smartware and click on the drop down to select the appropriate share it doesn’t change.  Any thoughts?

Be sure to have the latest smartware version installed on the new laptop and the latest firmware version installed for the my book live. Just in case, you can keep using the same folder to backup all of your PC’s. Smartware wont mix the files, it will create separate folder with the name if the second PC.