Cannot see MYWDMYCLOUD with File Explorer and Apps

I am setting up my new desktop. It has Windows 10 on and HP Envy. I have the My Cloud connected to the new computer. It is also working on my old desktop, my laptop and my iPad. I cannot see the drive in the File Explorer on the new computer. I can see it using the My Cloud app but cannot connect to it using the Dashboard. I also cannot see the drive in any of my apps like Photoshop. I have looked at other notes about this and don’t see any solutions that would help me. I cannot map the drive because when I click on Map a Drive, it cannot see it.

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Be sure you are looking on the ‘network’ label (link, etc.) to locate the cloud device.

Are you saying it does not show up under Network? Have you looked at your Devices and Printers to see if it is there? Type Devices and Printers in Windows 10 search box next to Start and see if your My Cloud is there… Do a right click on your My Cloud Dashboard shortcut and check Properties>Web Document Tab and see what the address is. Do the same to My Cloud if it shows up under Devices and Printers and see if the address matches. Look under UPnP tab at the bottom for the address.


Right… it doesn’t show up under Networks. I checked the IP addresses and they are the same. My firmware is up-to-date. I somehow opened another WD My Cloud web page that says something about accepting a security certificate. But clicking on that link didn’t seem to do anything.

what do you mean by “I checked the IP addresses and they are the same”?

in file manager try \“IP address of the mycloud”

I mapped the drive and now it seems that I am able to get to the drive from the File Explorer and so far from Photoshop Elements. I rebooted my computer and it still shows up as a mapped drive so far. We had to map it from the command line. But now I cannot get to it from my laptop and iPad.

Do you have your My Cloud connected to your router? Have you looked through the Uer Manual?

Yes connected to router. Husband fixed it for now by rebooting first of all and that seemed to fix it on my laptop and ipad. So, will see how it does after shutting down tonight and rebooting tomorrow. Not totally sold on using this NAS.