Cannot See MyCloud NAS drives in "My Network" after changing routers

I am operating Windows 10, latest update at the time of the post. I have used a Cisco switch to feed my devices into for a few years now. I was using Verizon FiOS and had the switch plugged into that router with MyCloud plugged into the switch (and another WD 5 TB storage into the MyCloud). When I switched to Spectrum, I received an new router of course and everything showed up just as it did before. However, that router died yesterday after only 7 months and I just put the new one into service. However, I no longer see my drives under “My Network” in Windows Explorer. I can access via My Cloud but cannot access them as drives any longer. Any ideas on how to recover that functionality? Am I missing a step somewhere that I maybe did before and somehow missing now?

Look at this topic, same problem.


See my topic and see if this works for you.