Cannot see EX4 as a network device in Windows 8.1 Pro


Have just set up My Cloud EX4, and updated to the latest firmware.  My Windows 8.1 machine and the EX4 are both connected to the same switch.  The Windows 8.1 system cannot see the EX4 by name, but I can access shares using the IP address.  I can see other devices on the network on the Windows 8.1 system.  My Windows 7 machines can all see the EX4 by name.



what happens if you do a ping on the Ex4 name at the windows 8.1 command prompt?

what is the output of nslookup at the prompt for Ex4?

Are you sure the domain/workgroup setting in windows 8.1 is the same as on other systems?

Thankj you for your reply.

Pinging by name returns “could not find host”. 

Workgroup settings are correct. 

nslookup results are

C:\Users\TRT>nslookup nscssrv

Non-authoritative answer:
Name:    nscssrv

What is the IP address of your EX4 and Windows 8 computer? If you don’t mind saying.

From a command prompt could you try pinging your EX4 with “.local”? For example:

ping wdmycloudex4.local

Have you modified any of the network settings, like IPv6 or SMB2?

Is the media server showing up in the Windows 8 Explorer, under Network?

Although last, perhaps this should be first. . . Do you have any AntiVirus software running on the Windows 8 computer?

Additionally, if you do a ping and nslookup on your windows 8 computer name at the command prompt, what output do you get?

Hi K_K__,

Thank you for your responses.  It became obvious that there was a problem with the Win 8 networking as opposed to a problem with the EX4 itself.  I did the following on the Win 8 system;

  • Turn off all sharing and network discovery 
  • Turn off homegroup
  • Reset IP stack
  • Restart
  • Reconfigure IP
  • Turn on sharing and network discovery 

Problem solved.

Thanks again for your help.