Cannot see any content in my share using desktop browsers


A couple of days ago I started having a strange issue on my NAS MyCloudEX2Ultra.

When trying to access my content on my share using Firefox or Chrome on the desktop or laptop I get stuck in a never ending loading screen. Please see the attached scrennshot.

Please note that previously i had no issues accessing my content from the same browsers on my laptop or desktop and that i can access my content from my mobile Android phone just fine using the MyCloud app.

I tried adjusting the zoom level in the browser but to no avail.

Any ideas on how to solve this?

Thanks in advance!

You should check after rebooting the My Cloud EX2 Ultra which establish and reconnects the network connections with the My Cloud server.


Thanks for replying! I Already tried resetting the device by unplugging it but it doesn’t solve the problem. I connects just fine but it doesn’t display mu share.