Cannot search my folders remotely from a laptop (Apple or Windows)

I am trying to do a search in my folders on a My Cloud device from a laptop but, I can’t seem to be able to.
There is a search option on my mobile device but not when I connect with my laptop.
Any ideas or is it just not available?

how? what OS? what mobile device?

Mobile phones work fine, it’s from an Acer laptop that came with Windows 10 and an Apple laptop with the latest sersion I think (It’s my boss’s laptop.)

Is the laptop connected to the My Cloud via the local network? Or are you accessing the My Cloud remotely?

If locally, what program are you using to access the My Cloud? Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder?

Local network works fine, it’s remotely that I/we can’t!
We use the WD apps downloaded from the WD site.

You cannot search using the WD My Cloud Desktop software (at least on Windows) or when using the web portal. Its a common complaint. Feel free to voice your complaints over in the Cloud Ideas section…

Some other requests for the search feature in the Cloud Ideas section:

All righty then! Thanks.
(Just posted as sugested.)

This is a must have, Why WD is so behind and slow in releasing this BASIC function for PCs? This is unheard for any file manager software!!!
How can I find a file on a 4tb drive, sort through thousands??? REALLY?

We do not why! Ask them and let them know!

We are just end users like you on this forum.

You can search the My Cloud via the local network using Windows File Explorer (and I assume Mac Finder). Remote Access does not support searching for files on the My Cloud. As explained above this is a well complained about issue. Feel free to comment in the various threads above that are in the Cloud Ideas subforum. Just don’t expect WD to ever implement such a feature any time soon, if at all however.