WD my cloud needs search bar

CQqy8FYU8AAMw2p.pngThe WD my cloud program needs a search bar like the moblie ver has and i link a image of what i am talking about

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I agree, the search bar is needed in the web client. A search bar exists in the iPad app. I have too many files to search for them by folder.

Hey, found a new APP called QuikFynd that is available for EX2, EX4 and Mirror Gen1. It offers full text search for data stored on WD NAS and you can search from a web browser, iPhone/iPad or Android. Pretty cool!

Here is the link:

with more details at:

Agreed. Surprised this feature isnt implemented despite the large mycloud systems they sell.

This is a must have, Why WD is so behind and slow in releasing this BASIC function for PCs? This is unheard for any file manager software!!!
How can I find a file on a 4tb drive, sort through thousands??? REALLY?

+1 agree web client needs a search bar.

Or at a minimum identify files in the app, and display the path so it can be retrieved online.

Currently I get around this by searching in the app, downloading on phone and emailing to myself. not efficient.

the reason search is useful is because I have work files going back years. I often remember I created a document/presentation but cant remember exactly what I called it in 2010, or where it was stored, and when i backed up my work PC what the file structure was in that company at that time. so I have to search it is a critical function.

+1 Desperately need a search bar on web client ASAP!