Cannot Search files using Mac OSX 10.14 and WD My Cloud Home Duo

MyCloud Duo 12TB / Mac OSX 10.14

If I click on the MyCloud Home Duo image on my MacBook desktop, I see all the folders.
If I click on a subfolder, I see the files.
I want to search this subfolder (or any folder), the mac search function does not work. Any ideas?
thank you.

(for the record, I also have a My Cloud 6TB, connected the same way as the MyCloudHome, and I CAN search using the Mac search function without problem.)

Hi Hopmah,

Are you facing same issue after rebooting of Mac and My Cloud Home device?

Hi, thanks for answering…

Yes, even after rebooting the MacBook and MyCloud Home device, I still cannot search the 12TB device.

I have the same issue with my iMac, both computers are running the latest most up to date OS X .

Thank you


Hi Hopmah,

I would recommend you to contact WD’s Technical Support about this concern.

To contact WD for Technical Support