Cannot Retrieve Files from Device

Please help me! I am unable to retrieve my data from myPassport Device. I can see that the device is plugged into the Computer because it lets me see all the devices and printers that are plugged in. However, when I go to open it from there it has a Yellow Caution Badge on it saying to Troubleshoot. It also tells me that the device is good and available. When I choose Troubleshoot it says that the drivers are not installed. I have been using this same computer with this external drive for the last three years. I have data, files and pictures on here that I cannot afford to loose.
Please, please, please help me!!!


Review Disk Management to check if the drive has a functional and healthy partition.

Also run a diagnostics test on the drive using DLG.

if the data is what you are after, then I would suggest not to run tests to see how healthy your drive is. Cost of this drive (or replacement worst comes to worst) is probably not worth 3 years of accumulated data. Find a data recovery company in your area with good reviews (read them first to know they are not fake) and have them look at it. And back up back up and back up, its the only thing you can do to prevent losing data in the future.
You can pm me if you need more assistance with this drive. Most likely it is suffering for a common “slow response” issue that is epidemic for WD passports. Module 32 needs to be cleared out, and disk needs imaging.