Cannot retrieve backed up files after O/S crash and reload

Hello,  I backed up all files prior to O/S crash under Win 8.0 onto My Passport external drive.  Reloaded system with upgrade to Win 8.1.  Name of computer same.   Backup has been been performed since reload & upgrade.  I cannot find or retrieve the original files backed up under Win 8.0.  I just want documents and pictures from original backup. 

First try enabling show hidden files or this might help 


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Joe S  you are my hero!   Thank you so very much.  I was unable to retrieve the backed up volume, however, after following the link you provided I did find a copy of all my backed up files by looking under smartware in my current file library.   “smartware.swstor” .        You have made my day and week.    Thank you so much for your help.