Cannot remove a directory from being backed up

I’m trying to remove a directory from the backup. I no longer need to back it up. I’ve gone to the backup tab and have unchecked the directory. I click “Apply Changes” and after a second or so, the directory is checked again. How do I get this directory to NOT back up?

What device do you have? Providing more information and images of what you are talking about would help.


This is on a Windows 7 PC.

Here’s the screen (not my actual screen). I’m backing up certain directories and files. There is a directory I no longer need to back up. I uncheck the checkbox next to it. When I do this, all of the files within the directory also become unchecked. I click “Apply Changes”. After a couple of seconds, the directory and all of the files in it are checked again.

I have a similar problem: I deselected a folder after setting up and enabling a continuous file backup job. The files are backed up even after I uncheck a folder and Apply Changes. The unchecked folder does not revert to being checked again as yours does, but I cannot get the software to recognize that I no longer want this folder backed up. I could delete the folder out of the backup, but then what is the point of Apply Changes? If it is only for use during the initial backup job setup and then ceases to function, it should disappear.

I want to reclaim this space on the drive without starting over. This also calls into question all of the other backups that I have configured for my other computers over time. I know that from time to time I have made changes to those file lists and clicked Apply Changes. It looks like it works, but who knows?